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Everything we do stems from our ability to create a sale.

More Customers...More Incentives


More ways to get you sales are added all the time.

A portion of EVERY sale goes to charity

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And not just any charity, the charity of the buyers choice.


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We are about getting our clients SALES!

Our entire concept of raising money without charities having to rely on the charity of others is based on the source of money coming from sales of goods and services provided by our clients. To that end we have focused everything around getting those sales. To start we offer our customers a bargain, they can save money on all the things they buy from our FUNdraising Mall. We then give part of the proceeds of the sale to the buyer’s favorite charity (as long as their favorite charity is legitimate). Finally, we offer an exciting incentive to the buyers for making the purchase, they get credit toward spinning the "Wheel of Prizes" with each purchase.


We are about Charities and raising money for them

The FUNdraising Wheel is a tool for any worthy cause or charity to raise money with. There are two ways any charity can use the FUNdraising Wheel to raise money and we include both with every charity. The first is to set a fundraising goal and we work to insure each charity reaches their goal. The second income comes from the charity affiliate program. The more effort a charity puts toward driving traffic to their fundraiser the more money they will earn with the "Charity Affiliate Program". For more information regarding the "Charity Affiliate Program" click here

Helping Others
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