FUNdraising Wheel Prizes

$15,000 Shopping Spree

Spend your $15,000 in our Charity Mall
A portion of every purchase goes to charity
and you will find many bargains!

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Million Dollar Party`

Round Trip Airfare for two to Las Vegas
Room, meals, show tickets, gambling chips
and an invatation to the wildest A-List
Celebrity party ever heard of!

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Ares Gamma 370

The Gamma 370 offers a combination of stability
and durability perfect for first-time pilots, while
also delivering smooth and capable flight performance
experienced sport flyers will enjoy.

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Keurig and Coffee for a Year

Your very own Keurig coffee maker plus enough Kcups
to keep you supplied for a full year. Enjoy a variety of
flavors and the best coffee you will ever drink!

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Neuro Sonic

Love your mind
Strengthen your focus and creativity.

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Flatulence Filtering Underwear
no more worrying about embarrasing moments
and it makes the perfect gift!

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Virtual Racehorse

What is more exciting than having a bet on the
winning racehorse?
OWNING the winning racehorse!

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Revitfy the Facelift in a Bottle

A combination of active ingredients work simultaneously
to repair, restore and rejuvenate the skin's health and
appearance from the inside out!

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Mighty Mug

Never spill your drink again. It is sealed to be completely
spill proof and then it is tip proof so you can't tip it over.

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LaBella Gift Baskets

La Bella Baskets of Smiles Program
We believe every gift has a purpose, and our purpose is
to give to single moms nationwide.

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Lucid Dreaming Sleeping Mask

What would you do if you could control your dreams?
Shrink down to the size of an atom, teleport to the far side
of the galaxy, or meet an old friend for lunch.

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Cool 3D Printing Pen

3D Pen Stereoscopic Printing Drawing Crafting
Three-Dimensional Doodling Modeling,
coolest pen ever!

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Itunes Music and More

Download all your favorite songs.

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Laser Keyboard

Turn any flat surface into your own personal keyboard

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Self Stirring Mug

This cup has a self-stirring mechanism in the base, which
will whip your drink like a whirlwind at the push of a button.
Package includes 1 pcs self stirring mug.

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Movies for a Month

Enjoy the latest releases from the comfort of your own
home and after your month of free movies continue to
enjoy your movie night with just a small monthly fee.

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MP4 Player

Select your favorite color for this stylish MP4 Player. It
has a 2.2 inch touch screen and 8 GB of memory.

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